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for the party go-ers, visual artist, and creatives
a unique city culture hub with rentable studio spaces


Envisioned, conceptualized, created, and established in 2012 in Atlanta GA; StudioX is a compilation of studio space, some small and some large, all unique for your renting needs.  Turn any of our spaces into your idea with production included. Always labeled in alphabetical order our West Atlanta location encompasses

Studio A, Studio B, & Studio C

These spaces have seen the likes of everything from full in studio set photography and videography production of music rehearsals, photoshoots, video production, birthday parties, weddings, networking events, classes, listening parties, comedy shows, complete concerts and more.

Our logo says it all


/ st (y) oodēˌ ō /

1. a room where an artist, photographer, sculptor, etc. works.

"mostly the painting is done in the studio, working from drawings"


synonyms: workshop, workroom, atelier, workplace, place of work, office, or study.

"He worked hard on the dramatic murals in the studio."

The X on the logo is strategically placed!

We know that X holds any value, and every value.  By it being an exponential, that value is infinite.  That X value represents YOU, YOUr business, & YOUr event, only limited by power of your creativity!

We didn't want to name our studio, because our name is YOU!


Feel free to right-click (control-click for MACs) and save our logo above to be used on the promotional items for your next big event! Please do not stretch or skew.



From the latest celebrity Podcast to Indie Video Shots, from a mock production of Wild HBCU Frat Parties to grandmas 80th birthday party, from sitting on your laptop enjoying a cup of coffee to lounging out to DJ tunes with a beverage watching it all.

Day Use
Office Desk
Studio A
Studio B
Studio C


Become a member! Spectator or Creative

Weekly memberships for those needing a creative (not so quiet) space to work, meet, and spectate.

Plop down on a couch or sit at a table as you dive into this one of a kind think-tank experience while enjoying your own lunch or a choice beverage/snack from us

9-5 daily.  $25 per week

Monthly memberships for creatives, photographers, and those alike to book and utilize the different studio areas for your own unique work-like experience, up to 24hours monthly.

$350 per month

Needing something customized? Click the chat with us below and someone will be in touch.

KItchenX Breakroom use

Single spectator use

Creative use up to 15 persons max

Access to an Awesome Community of Innovative Individuals 

Broadband Wi-Fi

Laptop use inspired seating

Happy Hour Every Friday from

4 to 8 with half priced beverages!



2 Locations for your convenience - Alcohol and events not available at our West Location

3924 Shirley Drive Atlanta Georgia 30336         2485 Main Street East Point Georgia 30344

TEL: 404-749-6100  |  get@studioXatl.com

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